Adriel Ortiz – The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 57

Happy Munkey Podcast
Adriel Ortiz - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 57

This week Ramon and Vlad go straight to the Boulevard with Adriel Ortiz, co-founder of NewYork NewYork and US marketing director for Privilege, to take us through his journey from throwing parties and cultivating the culture to Marketing and managing multiple Fashion brands such as Lafayette NYC. 

Adriel us a glimpse of the New York Nightlife and how promoting parties led him to managing his long-time friend Action Bronson and then marketing for fashion brands such as pro keds.

Adriel also discusses how NY streetwear has evolved into high fashion and how diversity & counter culture played a big role in making hypebeast brands more of a household name. 

Lastly Adriel gets into what it was like to hunt down the best weed in the hood and how the NY weed culture has changed from times of nicks, dime & dubs!