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Valid Not Valid

Embark on a flavor-filled adventure with our Valid / Not Valid playlist. Watch contestants as they put their taste buds to the test, sampling exotic snacks from around the globe and deciding if they’re deliciously ‘valid’ or just ‘not valid.’ A culinary roller coaster ride that’s both tasty and entertaining.

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Relax with our Happy Munkey ASMR playlist. From the crackling sounds of rolling up to the soothing whispers about strains and effects, we create a unique sensory experience that’s as calming as it is captivating.

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Munkey Sessions

Laughter is the best medicine! Check out our “Munkey Sessions” playlist for a dose of humor, Happy Munkey style. This after-school shorts-style series features members of the Happy Munkey tribe answering funny questions and sharing hilarious anecdotes. Join us for a light-hearted romp that captures the playful side of our tribe!

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Happy Hour With Vlad

ull up a chair and join Vlad for Happy Hour. With riveting guests and thought-provoking conversation, each episode uncorks new perspectives on cannabis, culture, and community.

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Happy Munkey Adventures

Embark on exhilarating escapades with the Happy Munkey tribe. From bustling city parades to serene mountain retreats, join us as we take cannabis culture to new heights and horizons.

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Happy Munkey Experiences

A vibrant journey into the heart of Happy Munkey’s signature events, meetups, and gatherings. Discover the love, unity, and joy that define our cannabis culture. Dive in and vibe with us.

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Happy Munkey Testimonials

Hear heartfelt stories of why members of our tribe cherish Happy Munkey, and check out their bold and optimistic predictions for 2020. An inspiring collection of voices that truly embody the spirit of the Happy Munkey family!

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Puffs With Puff

Join Mr.Puffington for candid, smoke-filled conversations in Puffs With Puff. Discover new strains, share laughs, watch & listen to enthralling ways to enjoy cannabis.

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The Choose Happy Symposium

Relive the engaging panels and profound conversations of the Choose Happy Symposium. Each video serves as a knowledge capsule, encapsulating key insights and perspectives on cannabis culture.

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