Christine De La Rosa – The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep.70

Happy Munkey Podcast
Happy Munkey Podcast
Christine De La Rosa - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep.70

This week Ramon and Vlad go straight to the boulevard with Christine de la Rosa, CEO & Co-founder of The People’s Dispensary, to take us from south Texas where she was raised in by a revolutionary mom to her move to the Bay Area where she bringing a piece of the cannabis pie to the people in her community.

She tells us about the healing power of cannabis and how it put her on the road to breaking the stigma and even how she got her mom and others in her family to be more open to cannabis.

She tells us her story of moving from the traditional market to the legal market and how it help her community gain ownership over a business that was once a part of the war on drugs that affected them disproportionately.

Then she helps us shed some light on some NY legalization news, as she discusses Two auctions (CRTA&MRTA) proposed, that would box out POC & small businesses from cannabis and she urges people to have your voice heard and Not Sell Out NY Cannabis.