Cimone Casson – The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 60

Happy Munkey Podcast
Happy Munkey Podcast
Cimone Casson - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 60

This week Ramon and Vlad take it straight to the boulevard with Cimone Casson, financial planner for Cannas Capital, LLC and President of Michigan’s chapter of Minorities for Medical Marijuana , to give us a road map on how to invest in the cannabis Industry in the stock market and gives us a glimpse behind the curtain of Michigan’s local stock exchange. She tells us how she made her transition from financial advising to returning to Michigan and insuring cannabis companies. She discuss what Social Equity programs could look like in Michigan and how that’s a path that leads to generational wealth in communities that have been affected by the war on drugs. Then she talks about her edible experience and the aftermath of her first infused dinner.