HM Staff Special – Happymunkey Podcast Ep 65

Happy Munkey Podcast
HM Staff Special - Happymunkey Podcast Ep 65

This week on the boulevard we’ve got Vlad giving you all a glimpse behind the Happy Munkey curtain, as he chops it up with some of the team that bring you all this HM content. As co-host we have, comedian and actress, Black Rose to tell us her journey in comedy and how she met the guys way before the whole vibe took off. Then we have Arian “Tech King” Walker our in house photographer and king of all things tech to give us his Origin story and some of his experiences on his 3 year ride with the munkey. We also have Jose Rozay , our first brand embassabor and official poster boy for the “we outside” vibe to tell us about the first HM party and some legendary adventures to Albany