John Kagia – The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep 36

Happy Munkey Podcast
John Kagia - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep 36

In this episode Vlad and Ramon take it straight to the Boulevard as we call up John Kagia, Chief Knowledge Officer of New Frontier Data, in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss how the share culture of cannabis has changed since Covid-19. Such as the future of cannabis and public consumption and globalization of cannabis.
Specifically John touches on how cannabis can flourish in South America and Africa, and how diversity in the industry is the key to understanding overlooked audiences in our community!
Also make sure to tune in as Ramon and Vlad chop it up about the New York City Dutch Master drought and the hunt for fresh Dutches, they also get into the city jumping to open up for the summer during corona, they even get into the plastic bag ban and diversity in the cannabis industry.
Created by: @happymunkey__
Edited by: @Rafaelhphotos