Mike 171 – The HappyMunkey Podcast ep 56

Happy Munkey Podcast
Mike 171 - The HappyMunkey Podcast ep 56

This week Ramon and Vlad go straight to the boulevard with legendary wall writer and forefather of New York graffiti, Mike171, to discuss his journey from the grimly streets of New York to joining up with the United Graffiti Artists and bringing Graph to a whole new audience. He brings us way back to the days of smoking brick weed and hustling the streets of uptown during his high school days, and also gave us a glimpse of Washington heights’ history and gave us some context on how the neighborhood we grew up in came to be. He talks about how he rekindled his love for graffiti after serving in the military and how weed became his NY hustle for survival. He also tells us how he joined up with the “beyond the streets” graffiti museum and how he’s passing on the art to the next generation.