Shanel Lindsay – The Happy Monkey Podcast Ep. 49

Happy Munkey Podcast
Happy Munkey Podcast
Shanel Lindsay - The Happy Monkey Podcast Ep. 49

This week on Ramon and Vlad take it straight to the boulevard with Shanel Lindsay, founder and CEO of Ardent Cannabis, to tell us how she went from a lawyer doing part time research on cannabis to launching the industry’s leading device for cannabis decarboxylation. She takes us through how she “Frankensteined” together the first Ardent Nova after years of research and some of the barriers she faced when convincing the community of the value of decarbing. She also discusses an incident she had with Massachusetts police that spark her mission to correct the broken cannabis laws and seek social equity and benefits for the people most effected by the war on drugs. She even gives us a brief history of the Massachusetts cannabis act and her predictions for a more diverse industry in the future.