SJK171 & Henry161 – The HappyMunkey Podcast ep 63

Happy Munkey Podcast
Happy Munkey Podcast
SJK171 & Henry161 - The HappyMunkey Podcast ep 63

This week Ramon and Vlad go straight to the boulevard with Sjk171 & Henry161, two graffiti forefathers and neighborhood legends, to tell us about old New York and how Washington heights, the neighborhood that birthed HappyMunkey, came to be. They gave us a glimpse of the graffiti lifestyle and how intertwined it was with the weed and drug culture of the 1970s. Then they tell us tales of the grimy streets of the city and how it lead to wall writing as an outlet for the local kids. They even get a chance to talk about some of their highlights as members of United Graffiti Artist.