Steve DeAngelo – The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep.80

Happy Munkey Podcast
Steve DeAngelo - The HappyMunkey Podcast Ep.80

This week Ramon and Vlad come to you straight from a secret location to sit down with the Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry and Co-founder of Harborside inc., Steve DeAngelo, fresh off the New York Cannabis Day parade. He gives us some weed history which provides some context on the war on cannabis and how it has impacted minority communities. He also gives us a glimpse at his first time at the Cannabis Day parade back in the 70s and how different the city has become since then. He then drops some gems about how to be a cannabis activist and how to push the cause for federal legalization . He gets a chance to reflect on what the next steps for New York in this new legal market and how similar it feels to the old Cali. And most importantly we got to hear how he the legend got started on his love affair with cannabis.