Stormy Simon – HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 46

Happy Munkey Podcast
Stormy Simon - HappyMunkey Podcast Ep. 46

This week Ramon and Vlad take it straight to the Boulevard with Stormy Simon, former president of and Former CEO of High Times, to discuss her journey from single mother to leading , and then making the jump to the cannabis industry and heading High Times magazine. 

Stormy shares her thoughts on the cannabis industry slowly growing in Utah and how she plans to help the marginalized voices of Utah with her current bid for Utah House of Representatives, proudly representing District 21. Truly stressing the importance of voting in the upcoming 2020 election! 

Lastly, Stormy gives us her post COVID predictions for the cannabis industry from an online retailers perspective and explains how brick & mortar might be a skipped step as far as distribution.