Wanda James – The Happy Munkey Podcast Ep. 77

Happy Munkey Podcast
Wanda James - The Happy Munkey Podcast Ep. 77

This week Ramon & Vlad take it straight to the boulevard with Wanda James, CEO of Simply pure Dispensary, to talk about her journey of how she became the first African American Dispensary owner in the country. We get to hear about her growing up with a father in the Air Force and how it took her all over the globe. She then takes us through her days in the navy and how it lead right into a world of politics and and advocacy. She then talks about her transition into cannabis and how she brought it back to her community in Denver while still advocating for veterans. She also to talks about the importance of putting in the work now and how that is the key to more women and people of color in the industry. She then had a chance to share some of her her thoughts and hopes for the new adult use market in New York, and how it makes us a huge step closer to the federal goal line.